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FPC Quality Assurance

Quality is a way of life at FPC starting with the receiving of raw materials through production and shipping of finished product to the customer. Visual inspections are carried out during set-up and throughout the converting process by the machine operators and shift foremen. Product-specific test schedules are in place at various stages of production and are carried out by the operators. More rigorous testing takes place in our in-house laboratory.

Every product produced at our facility has a unique Specification and to detail the tests necessary to pass the Quality Assurance process, there is an associated Detailed Quality Assurance Specification describing the frequency and type of sampling at each operation. Quality Assurance Test Procedures relate in detail how the tests are conducted. All methods were developed through the efforts of the FPC Technical staff and where appropriate, in conjunction with our customer.

Certificates of Analysis will be supplied upon request.

FPC was ISO 9001 certified in 1999 and more recently upgraded to the ISO 9000:2008 standard. Our President's Policy Statement states:

President's Policy Statement

The people of FPC Flexible Packaging Corporation are committed to providing the highest possible quality of products and services to our customers. The Corporation is dedicated to implementing and maintaining best practices and to provide its people with the environment, equipment, facilities and training necessary to achieve the objectives.

At FPC 'Service is Above and Beyond Excellence'